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The Sottovento 'Stube'the ideal place to relax and unwind

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The stube (a traditional wood lined sitting room in mountain homes) is for eating and relaxing, and is the ideal place to sit, unwind, and soak up the cosy Alpine atmosphere.

When people talk about the mountains a lot comes to mind, but the first thing to do so is usually a charming, rustic little home on the mountainside, where inside there is a roaring fire, an old table with a good book on it and a cup of piping hot tea.  Can you already smell the intense aromas and hear the wood crackle in the fireplace, while outside snow falls softly, covering everything in sight?

We have recreated the same atmosphere at Sottovento in our own stube, where you can enjoy a rustic, cosy and relaxing atmosphere.  A large fireplace is always lit to warm your heart and ease your muscles, tense from the bracing mountain air, so you can relax and unwind either alone or in the company of friends.

Traditional local produce is always on offer.  At breakfast you can enjoy a buffet of select, high quality products, providing you with the right amount of energy for a hike or a day on the slopes.  At snack time don't miss our home made blueberry jam, ideal for a snack that is both wholesome and appetising.  The bread, always fresh and crusty, is perfect to accompany a glass of milk from the cows on the pastures and the acacia honey brings some sweetness to the cold winter days.  Cheese takes pride of place in the evening, accompanied by a plate of bresaola and excellent local wine.



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